Give Your Business a More Professional Appearance

Give Your Business a More Professional Appearance

Trust Clint's Fencing to complete your wood fencing installation in Beaumont or Port Arthur, TX & Lake Charles, LA

Improve the look of your residential, commercial or industrial property by installing wood fencing. Clint's Fencing builds custom wood fences anywhere in the Southeast Texas area extending to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

A wood fence made from cedar, treated pine or cypress will add a touch of class to your property. The types of wood fencing we install include:

  • Picket-best for front yards, gardens and pool enclosures
  • Post and rail-best for boundaries and farmland
  • Privacy-ideal for keeping neighbors and passersby from seeing into your yard
  • Vertical and horizontal-best for reducing noise and wind
  • Wood and wire-the clear choice for animal pens, gardens and backyards

With over 28 years of wood fence installation experience behind us, we can give you advice on which type of wood fencing will work best on your property. Choose Clint's Fencing when you need a custom wood fence installed around yard.

Advantages of a wood fence?

Clint's Fencing completes privacy fence installation projects in the Beaumont and Port Arthur, TX area. Installing a wood fence on your property can:

  • Keep your children and pets from wandering off
  • Reduce the levels of noise and wind entering your yard
  • Improve your curb appeal
  • Boost the value of your property

Get started on your picket or privacy fence installation by contacting us at 409-656-0899 today.